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Petition: Indio Affordable Housing


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Indio has an immediate need for more affordable housing! Currently, more than half (60%) of Indio renters are rent burdened and at least a third are severely rent burdened, spending more than 50% of their income on rent.

The LSM Affordable Housing Project along Highway 111 will bring approximately 200 much needed units that will accommodate future growth, help Indio meet state requirements for affordable housing, and provide safe homes for working families.

Sign the letter below to tell Indio leaders you want more affordable housing in your city!

Letter to the city of Indio

Dear City of Indio Planning Commissioners:

I would like to express my support for the LSM Affordable Housing Project. Indio residents have advocated for more affordable housing, and I encourage the city to continue prioritizing residents’ needs by approving the newest affordable housing development by Liberty Star Fields.

There is an immediate need for rapid growth in affordable housing units in Indio. Currently, more than half (60%) of Indio renters are rent burdened and at least a third are severely rent burdened, spending more than 50% of their income on rent. According to SCAG’s 2016-2045 Jurisdiction-Level Growth Forecast, the population of Indio is forecast to increase to 129,300 residents by 2045, an increase of approximately 43% from 2020.

The City of Indio has a Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) commitment to accommodate:
1,793 units for very-low-income households
– 1,170 units for low-income households
– 1,315 units for moderate-income households, all between 2021 and 2029.

The LSM Affordable Housing Project will be approximately 200 units of affordable housing that will meet the state requirement and help the city reach its RHNA requirements. Furthermore, in the city’s housing element update survey, two-thirds of respondents said that the city should require affordable housing in all new residential projects to realize residents’ need and to meet the city’s RHNA number allocation.

I commend the developer’s exceptional commitment and thorough research into Indio’s needs. Notably, the inclusion of a community center within the property stands as a testament to their conscientious approach. This facility, currently in its planning phase, will serve as a hub for families and the broader Indio community. The developer is actively engaging with various groups to assess community needs and tailor programs and services accordingly. Furthermore, their accessibility and responsiveness to address concerns raised by neighbors reflect their genuine commitment to community engagement.

Moreover, the LSM Affordable Housing Project will be a safe space for families. Studies show that affordable housing has no negative impact on surrounding property values. In some cases, nearby property values have increased because of the various amenities that affordable housing developments bring to the neighborhood. This project will include various amenities such as a community center that will benefit the residents and community of Indio. Overall, the LSM Affordable Housing Project will benefit many working-class families and have a positive impact on their lives.

Thank you for your consideration.