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Committees By Cities


Lift to Rise
Committees By Cities Interest Form

Committees By Cities is a new initiative led by Lift to Rise that will build the leadership and advocacy skills of residents living in the Coachella Valley’s cities and unincorporated communities. Join us in building a Coachella Valley that thrives with equitable resources for all who live and work here.


Lift to Rise
What is Committees By Cities?

In this new initiative, volunteer participants will gain first-hand experience improving their communities through a resident-driven housing advocacy process while receiving training on policy, leadership skills, research and data collection, storytelling, and more.

There will be five committees working in five separate areas of the Coachella Valley, allowing residents to focus efforts in their home communities. Each regional committee will meet monthly on a weekday evening to gain training and plan advocacy. Additional commitments such as attending meetings aimed at fostering civic engagement will vary based on the needs of each committee’s work.


Lift to Rise
Why does this matter?

Working with resident leaders and uplifting their experiences has always been central to the work of Lift to Rise. Our advocacy will be bolder and our message will be louder when residents are at the forefront of this work. We are grateful that you are curious about participating and are eager to work with you.

The mission of Committees By Cities is to improve the lives of Coachella Valley residents by fostering community leaders and advocating to reduce the barriers that make housing unattainable for so many.

Interested in being a part of Committees By Cities?

Fill out a short interest form and a Lift to Rise staff member will follow up with you within a week about becoming a part of Committees By Cities. Your information will be used solely by Lift to Rise and will not be shared with third parties.

Committees by Cities Interest Form

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